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  1. THE ONLY THING MORE SLIPPERY THAN THE ELBOW​, Auction House, Redruth 2022

    A group show by :

    Finlay Abbott Ellwood

    Simon Bayliss

    Olivia Brelsford-Massey

    Flo Brooks

    Jane Darke

    Leila Galloway

    Georgia Gendall

    Mollie Goldstrom

    Andy Harper

    Emily Hawes

    Rachael Jones

    Alice Mahoney

    Lizzie Ridout


    Exhibition : 28 April - 7 May 2022

    Participants from the 2019 Cornwall Workshop came back together after the pandemic interrupted several attempts at a reading group. Following on from ideas and conversations that began at the residency, led by artist Andy Holden, they are making work that falls between the eerie suspended seeping state they find themselves in. Process and conversation, hyperobjects and second bodies have informed the work and there is no going back.

  2. these supple waters (reconfigured for MK Gallery), HD Video, LCD & Raspberry pi, Nylon, Birch Ply, Steel, MK Open, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, 2020

  3. Oct-Nov 2019

    She Makes Music for the Age of Machines presents artworks which explore alternative ways of making, organising and experiencing sound. The exhibition features new and existing work by collaborative duo Nathan Bissette and Mateus Domingos, Natasha Brzezicki, Paul Gittins and Emily Hawes.

    “You take a sound, any sound, record it and then change its nature by a multiplicity of operations - you produce a vast and subtle symphony. It’s a sort of modern magic. Some musicians believe it may become an art form in its own right.”

    Daphne Oram, 1957

    Group show with Nathan Bisette  Mateus Domingos  Natasha Brzezicki  Paul Gittins  Emily Hawes

  4. Tulpenmanie references the first documented financial bubble known as 'Tulip Mania' in the 17th Century in the Netherlands. Through symbolism and fragmented references, the work hints the idea that hyper-capitalism & contemporary labour practices induce specific emotional & psychological states, such as panic & exhaustion.

    Sceened at OUTPOST Open Film 2019